is there a way to describe how shit today was? idk but I will try. firstly, getting up was so hard this morning as I was like still paralysed from my sleep. then I realised - its thursday, and if any of you read these things then you’ll know … I fucking hate thursdays. anyway today proved to be shit, as expected, and it dragged on so long. having the same subject at school all day is so boring and I had travel and tourism ALL DAY apart from the dreaded French mock at the end of the day. I felt really summery walking home because it was really sunny but I had to change for work and it was shit. and on the bus back from school these shitty thirteen year old year 9s tried to assert their power on me and Sophie by sitting with us on the back row which was irritating. anyway work was fucking shit there is this guy who works there who is the biggest prick ever and he just pissed me off so much. anyway now im depressed cos I have to go back tomorrow.